Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen, durch die sie entstanden sind.

— A. Einstein

As a Design Director & Brand Consultant Lars has been helping companies to find and visualize their own identity for more than 20 years now. With his outside perspective he will help you to get to know your own company better. For him corporate branding does not mean cosmetics or decoration but character representation.


Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux, Zurich
Landor Associates, Hamburg
The Brand Union, Dubai
Lambie-Nairn, Munich
The Boston Consulting Group, Vienna


MTU Friedrichshafen
Carl Zeiss AG
Telefónica Germany
Merck KGaA


For one of my greatest challenges I was hired by one of the top three international management consultancies to save a misdirected branding project. What had happened? The company in question had hired a Swiss design agency to develop and lead their massive global rebranding project. Dozens of neatly printed booklets and a year later, when the implementation phase was due to begin, a bad premonition unfortunately became reality. The delivered work was unusable. It was simply impossible to put the flawed concept into practice. At this point a considerable part of the budget had already been spent.

I was therefore called in to carry out an independent and professional assessment of the situation. In concrete terms: what’s good what’s bad. In close cooperation with the Global Marketing Director and the Managing Director I immediately started with the necessary development of new brand design elements and guidelines so that the course could be set anew.

Eventually the rebranding project could be implemented for all 69 offices in a total of 40 countries. The project was a great success and with my help my client was able to save an enormous amount of agency fees at the same time.


  • Do you need an experienced consultant who understands and combines both analytical corporate strategy and creative design?
  • Are you looking for a partner who has managed branding projects on agency as well as corporate side, and is therefore familiar with both perspectives?
  • Do you prefer an external expert who is obliged to you as the client only and not to any agency network?
  • Have you already commissioned an advertising or design agency but are unsure whether the path you have chosen is the right one? Would you sleep better at night if you could get a second opinion from an independent expert?


My combined experience covers many industries, and unlike many agencies, I prefer not to focus on a single sector. This keeps my knowledge broad and my mind open. I pride myself on delivering quality work without the overheads. I don’t have account managers or interns working for me — meaning you’ll deal directly with me. It also helps me and you to respond to situations quickly, getting the right people in the room to find solutions and make decisions. Thus we can move your brand forward. Here’s where I can help:

  • Strategic audit
  • Positioning
  • Character definition
  • Brand development
  • Brand architecture
  • Logo development
  • Visual identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Rebranding projects